I created the music for this "addictive puzzler".
Casual, addictive, ingenious puzzler

From the makers of the hit game Blokin comes another beautifully simple puzzle game. A unique and abstract experience aimed at the casual gamer, Ballistikk is a mixture of golf, pool, bocce and lawn darts.

Work your way through 5 tiers of increasingly fiendish levels. Discover new mechanics as you carefully ping your ball through a variety of areas.
Ballistikk is intuitive and addictive with a recognisable visual style that complements the gameplay.

Perfect for killing time and engaging your brain, hone your hand eye coordination whenever you like.

With three attempts at each level, guide your ball to the score zone picking up coins on route. Revisit completed levels and attempt to attain the maximum points.

Hold your nerve, focus and don't back down to find that perfect shot to hit the big points. You got this!