Audio Director
Sound designer
Acid House musician
I've spent my life making sounds. 
From 4 channels of sound on the Nintendo Gameboy to interactive music on the latest consoles, I've been making sounds for games for almost 30 years and electronic dance music for even longer than that.
In addition to making sounds, I also write a little too.
The bulk of my life has consisted of making video game sounds, performing acid house music live, and producing electro music.
Currently I am the Audio Director at Spliced Inc. 
Possibly, the greatest company in the world. Seriously. 
In 1990, I co-wrote and produced the track Hardcore Uproar with Jonathan Donaghy under the name Together, which reached number 12 in the UK singles charts and stayed in the top 40 for 8 weeks. The track was signed to FFRR, headed by Pete Tong under the Polygram group and was originally published by Virgin Music Publishing.
I've written articles for a number of magazines including Attack magazine, Iconic Underground and Ask Audio. I had a regular column called One Foot In The Rave reminiscing about my memories of the birth of Acid House sharing my life-changing experiences.
I am the author of an illustrated book called "A Brief History of Acid House" which has been stocked in the V&A Museum and The Design Museum London and has been re-printed with a new print in the works.
Seven of the games I have provided the sound and music for have received BAFTA nominations with one winning the award for Best Family and Social Game in 2013.
I enjoy performing live Acid House music. 
In 2022 I was asked to perform at "I Love Acid" the club event which won the DJ Magazine award "Best club event" in 2020 . The night is quite possibly the greatest thing to have happened to dance music since Acid House began. 
I occasionally DJ and produce electronic music when I am not creating video game audio at Spliced Inc. 
Have a look around my site to find out more and feel free to email my agent/management if you would like more information.