I met the DJ and producer Kostas Goustas at the last gig I played before lockdown in 2019. After keeping in touch and becoming friends over social media we exchanged tracks and he asked to sign a few tracks of mine to form the Twinkore EP. 
This is the press release that went with the release of the track.
For our third release at Ostrich Recordings we are proud to welcome a veteran of the Rave and Acid House scene, Suddi Raval.

Suddi has been involved in the scene since the birth of Acid House and first rose to fame in the group Together, who along with his bandmate Jonathan Donaghy, wrote the anthemic 'Hardcore Uproar' which reached number 12 in the UK singles chart. A man with many strings to his bow, he has also scored the soundtracks to over 100 video games including Star Wars, Spiderman, Simpsons, Harry Potter, Batman, and is the author of the well respected 'A Brief History Of Acid House' book.

Suddi has also developed a live show, taking his acid and electro sound on the road, and it was one of these amazing live shows that first caught our attention:

Twinkore sets the tone of the EP with haunting dystopian strings, fat & crispy 808 beats, growling synths and eerie bleeps providing body-popping dance-floor material with an edge.

Reverse Engineer is lighter in mood- sharp bass hooks cut through beautiful pads, while clever drum programming and bleeps play out over the top of this thought-provoking gem.

Visual sees Suddi returning to a darker sound, using classic samples, synth stabs, menacing strings and drum beats to great effect, delivering another moody slice of electro funk.

Suddi wishes to thank Simon Robertshaw of The Skaparis Orchestra.

Written and produced by Suddi Raval at Together Studio. Engineered and mastered by Matt Sargeant at No Dough Studio.
Here is a promo video for Twinkore. Click the above link to buy the track.
Twinkore t-shirts available in a choice of 2 colours and all sizes.