An iOS game called Sic Transit I contributed music towards available on the app store by Dario Accornero.
SicTransit provides endless hours of fun with procedurally-generated levels — never play the same game twice!
SicTransit throws you a classic retro-style challenge: can you fly a ship inertially within a closed level, without bumping around like a flipper ball, and just stay alive?
To complete a level, you have to destroy all its rocky debris (asteroids and planets) within a certain amount of time, so the most important thing is to get acquainted with classic inertial controls — rotate left, rotate right, thrust. Plus shoot, of course: make sure to have a look at the Keys/Ctrl screen before playing.

SicTransit is highly configurable: the Pref screen contains all sorts of options that support playing in radically different ways. For instance, you can decide how and when enemies are spawned or force fields are activated. Actually, you can also change how a level is completed — you're highly encouraged to try out the various options, in order to find the combination that best suits you.