DeepDownDirty is delighted to have the honour of working with Suddi Raval, a creative with a career spanning over thirty years who has been involved in the acid scene since its very conception.

Suddi lay down his roots at the infamous Ha├žienda where Hardcore Uproar (which Suddi wrote with Jonathan Donaghy under the name 'Together') was a firm favourite; a track which reached number 12 in the UK singles charts.
He has since scored the soundtrack for over 100 video games including Spiderman, The Simpsons, Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter and the Marvel series of LEGO video games.

Suddi is also the author of A Brief History of Acid House and teaches music technology and dance music history at the Brit School.
He is currently producing Electro and Acid House under his own name and hopes to continue with his tour shortly, which was cut short due to the Covid pandemic.