When I joined the team for this game, I took out all the existing sound and replaced them with new more dynamic effects. Reports came back to me that we managed to completely transform the sound for the game.
I worked on the handheld versions of this title.
In The Lord of the Rings Aragorn’s Quest videogame, players become the legendary hero Aragorn and relive his most daring battles from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The action packed sword, bow and horseback adventures will be enhanced for players of all ages with HD graphics that take full advantage of the PlayStation® 3’s capabilities, and advanced motion control gameplay featuring PlayStation®’s upcoming Move Motion Controller.Utilizing PlayStation®’s upcoming motion controller for precision through mastery, The Lord of the Rings Aragorn’s Quest videogame engages players with intuitive motion-control gameplay where every controller gesture instantly and accurately translates to weapon strikes in the game. Experience two-player motion controlled co-op gameplay featuring Gandalf which allows kids, families and friends to battle side-by-side in the heart of the action.