For this title, I was the audio manager - performing the role of Audio Director and Audio Producer. I was also senior sound sound designer on this title. With the exception of the licensed music, I also wrote all of the in-game music for the cut-scenes and created all the jingles and sound effects for this game. 
• Rock along to hits and classic favorites that the whole family will enjoy including Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”, Foo Fighters’ “Breakout”, Vampire Weekend’s “A-Punk”, Blur’s “Song 2”, Carl Douglas’ “Kung Fu Fighting”, Europe’s “The Final Countdown”, Good Charlotte’s “Boys and Girls” and Pink’s “So What”, just to name a few!
• Use the LEGO® character customizer to create and personalize your band, instruments and entourage.
• Pull off killer riffs in LEGO® themed Rock Power challenges to perform amazing feats such as destroying a giant robot, summoning a storm or demolishing a skyscraper.
• Build fame LEGO® style by completing songs to collect LEGO® elements – build cooler vehicles, progress to new venues and unlock new characters and instruments.
• Express yourself with a personalized LEGO® Rock Den that can be accessorized and decorated to perfectly suit your rock style.
• All-access gaming! Start off on Easy, work your way up to Expert or try out the newly introduced Super Easy setting created especially for budding rock stars!