This is the video for the title track from the new EP.
The initial response to my new EP Laser beams and mirror balls has been incredible.
I don't think it is a co-incidence that it's getting this kind of attention and it happens to have an interstellar remix by the creative mind of DJ, Author and artist Justin Robertson.
Take a listen to some of the music below to hear it and click the "BUY" button if you'd like a copy of the 12" record.
Some of the reviews are copies below too.

At the bottom under the reviews is the music video for the title track Laser Beams and Mirror Balls by Ruben from Noksound.
This first review was by Chromatic Club Magazine.
I was pretty chuffed with this one...
Then this review came in by Miami Encode Radio....
...and just as I thought no one could possibly say anything more about the record Who Music Magazine wrote this that, to be perfectly frank, left me speechless.