We're delighted to announce the full line for the SiOS event in Notting Hill London on the 6th July 2024.
Headlining the event will be DJ's James Shinra alongside DJ Placid.
Also on the billing will be supporting DJ's Suddi Raval and Trontesphore. 
James Shinra is one of the most exciting producers in the electronic music scene today and we are delighted to welcome him to London for the SiOS event. Having released on some of the finest electronic music labels in the UK such as Ralph Lawsons 20/20 Vision and We're Going Deep, he has produced some of the most exciting and original electronic music for dance floors over the last few years.

Bristol based DJ Placid, resident of the popular I Love Acid events  is bringing his unique sound to London playing an electro inspired set.
Whilst there may be elements of Acid within the sound, expect something deeper from the owner of the We're Going Deep brand.
Suddi Raval is one of the supporting DJ's on the night playing an electro inspired set including tracks from his forthcoming debut album. He was one half of Together who's biggest hit Hardcore Uproar reached number 12 in the UK singles charts.
Trontesphore is the Ireland based DJ and producer who has been making fine electronic music for the last 2 decades. He is bringing his sound to London for the first SiOS event.
The evening will feature electronic artworks create by humans not AI and will offer merchandise and music in the club shop inspired by electronic music.