At the time of working on the this game I had no idea the impact it would have and how much the form of synthesis I had to learn would affect my future.
Inside the Sega Genesis console (known in the UK as a Megadrive) is a Yamaha YM2612 is a six-channel FM synthesizer.
A very similar chip (YM2614) is inside Yamaha's DX100 and the FB01.
Sometimes you have no idea what you're doing is going to have a profound effect on your future self and this experienced massively impacted my knowledge of synthesis and sound design.
I spent a huge amount of time crafting the drums creating 909 style kicks and hats. It's why the drums on this game really kick.
Director(s)Stephen Ruddy
Producer(s)Jeff Carnell
Designer(s)Jeff Carnell
Brian Ulrich
Programmer(s)Stephen Ruddy
Artist(s)David McLachlan
Composer(s)Chris Jojo
Paul Tonge
Suddi Raval
ReleaseGame Boy:
EU: 1995[1]
NA: September 1995[1]
JP: November 27, 1995[1]
Super NES:
NA: September 1995[2]
EU: September 28, 1995[2]
JP: October 27, 1995[2]
Game Gear:
NA: 1995[3]
JP: October 27, 1995[3]
NA: 1995[4]
EU: 1995[4]
AU: 1995[4]
JP: November 27, 1995[4]