This was a mix I was recently asked to do for the legendary Manchester rave venue Bowlers who have a group on Facebook.
Here are some lovely words written by Sarah-Jane Maddox who asked me to do the  mix:
5 March  · 
Its Frrrrrrriiiiiiiiiday!!! 

How good does that sound hey? I'm so ready for the weekend I cannot actually tell you how much so!! So gang its time to kick back, cut loose and get ready to dance, as this is your welcome to your weekend!! 

This excitement and joy that went round, not just at our own Life Admin H.Q. here, but over at my other house as well at when I secretly whispered who I’d managed to snaffle for this week's “Your DJ for the Weekend” Well yeah it was was pretty bloomin immense if I'm honest… And just proved the fact of what a massive impact today's Super Star has had on our scene!! 

If you say his/their name and before you know it, without even realising your spine starts to tingle and the hairs on your body go crazy, as the monster of a chart topping hit is already there and playing in your brain! This song, I personally feel has the most iconic and rushing sound to the start of any other track ever made, full stop, like ever!! 

I’ve seen them PA in a few different places now, but have always just lurked in the shadows watching and admiring and taking the moment in for myself.. Watching the electricity spark up and all around the crowd! People just lost in that absolutely perfect moment in time! I’ve never ever witnessed anything like this from off any other PA… Just thinking back about this now is making me quake… Simply put… They are one of the very very best! 

On a note about their leader, every time I’ve seen him, well he has always got the biggest cheekiest grin on his face, that you just cant help but smile along with him and you can tell he absolutely adores what he does… 

He’s not only a teacher, a producer and everything else in between’ie to do with the music and Old Skool dance scene, he is an out and out ‘ACID’ Legend who had spanned the gap of time! 

Yep, please give your biggest cheers for the absolute Legend that is Sir Suddi Raval of "Together" fame! 

Thank you for doing this for us!!!

Yep and gang for your absolute listening pleasure, well here at admin H.Q. we've nearly pee’d our pants with excitement over this as yes he has very kindly supplied us with something so exclusive that you'll all pee your pants also!!!