There is something wrong with my current set up. it might be my old browser but until I work i out, no new pictures just text I am afraid…

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I am re-posting this not for the music video but for the track.

I still really like it.. this was the flip side to Meltdown which also has an old video featured here.

I love my super twatty “Cinematique Concrete V.2.0″ Haha…. the V2.0 is the icing on the cake :)

Music Supervisor position for documentary

I have been asked to be music supervisor on a new film due for release this year.

As nothing has been plugged regarding the details of the film just yet so I won’t reveal anything until the producers decide it is time.

All I can say is, the subject is right up my street… Unless if it was a film about Alfred Hitchcock watching Star Wars whilst listening to Acid House it couldn’t be any more perfect. :)

Watch this space.

New single sure out end of April: My Only Thing


A song I wrote in 2003 has finally signed. this is not due to luck this is due to good old fashioned hard work :-)

This is one of the songs that started life as NEON:LOVE back in 2003. This project was originally signed to London based electro house label DELTA-B.

It is VIM records who have picked the latest mixes up. It has been remixed by DJ Sappo and R.Caine who have done drum and bass and break beat mixes respectively.

More will be posted as news comes in,

LEGO Rock Band

lego rock band

In 2009 I worked on the LEGO Rock Band which was a successful LEGO twist on the Rock Band franchise.

I worked mainly as sole musician on this video game (excluding the commercial tracks contained in the game of course!) with some sound design duties, mainly focussing on the GUI and front end sounds.

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